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BACK IN 2008...

Slovakian guy came to Prague, the mother of the cities, to visit his friends. Just for a weekend... The weekend turned to 12 years. And I still love it! Despite the current Covid 19 situation.

I was studying European cultural studies at the uni of Matej Bel in Banska Bystrica back in the days. We had 4 languages (EN,DE,FR,RU) and lot of history. Pretty amazing though. Unfortunately I didn’t finish those studies and instead decided to settle in Prague. I have worked as a waiter and then as a receptionist in a hotel under the Prague castle. When I gained more experience in the filed I switched hotel and suite for hostel and T-shirt. Which was a very good choice. I become a key member of BOHO family. I started as a night receptionist and ended as a BOHO day manager across 4 properties. I already had my first SONY camera and was taking pics just for fun. It is really cool hobby though too. The Czech Inn hostel and the Basement Bar were the places where I realised no only how much I like photography, but how valuable my work was. And so I started! Events at our Basement bar, surroundings, our properties, walking tours. Then I bought my first Canon. After a while of experimenting, I woke up, on one cold morning at 3am to catch the sunrise around Charles bridge. I took some really nice pics that day. At the time I had a personal FB profile and shared them there. Irenka, my very good friend, had her FB on and her boss, Belinda saw my pics. That's how I have appeared at Studio Savec. She liked my pics and told Irenka to call me in because she wanted to hire me to do the same for her clients. Studio Savec connects amazing people! She gave me more courage and work of course so then is when I knew my photography was worth focusing on. Well if you have Mark III or IV, it shouldn't be just hobby anymore. Another milestone came when I was called to help out filming Exploration Festival back in 2015. I totally enjoyed it. This was the breaking moment when I decided I like more moving pics rather then static ones. A few years after I am freelancing and having great time, and I’m so happy I pursued my passion and found people who encouraged and believed in my talent.